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A Wonder Around Kushiro Today I found myself with 2 hours to kill in Kushiro. As always, the trusty Nikon was with me so I embarked on a 2 hour mission to find new things in this old city!  Sadly, it was an overcast day YET AGAIN! I need some blue skies for my pictures!

Here's a selection of things that caught my eye...

Gentle HDR of a steam train:

Japanese coast guard. Across the over side of the river:

Not quite sure what they are doing, but it's hard work:

A moored fishing boat:

Number 1:

Kushiro river:

Kushiro museum of art "globe":

Kitaodori: (north street)

Kushiro "Moo" indoor garden:

Cherry blossom growing from the ground instead of a tree:


Tulip garden:

Weird alien egg plant:

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Sakura is here! Well, it has arrived! This is the latest it has ever hit my area, but the Cherry blossom has started. There is a few diferent types, from pale pink, to deep pink/red. Here's a mix of some photos. Some from an overcast morning (white skies) with no fill flash, Some from a sunny afternoon (blue skies) with a little fill flash.

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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Meet Beetlejuice. She is one of a pair of young California Kingsnakes (50/50) that I have.

These two have been a complete nightmare to raise from babies! Up until a few weeks back they wouldnt take ANY food (feeder pinkie mice) I tried every trick in the book to get them to feed. (popping the mouse brain, blood, rubbing on lizards etc) I had to resort to clamping the mouths open and pushing cut up pieces of pinkie mice down their throat!

Eventually my food supplier sent me some frozen baby geckos. Said these should work. So come feeding time I dangled a baby gecko into their enclosures, and wow the strike reflex was amazing. They were crazy for these geckos!

This caused me a new problems though. I love geckos. I think they're so cute and it's not the nicest thing to see them getting swallowed whole. Add to that they are expensive! ¥450 each while pinkie mice are only ¥30. Also their craving for the geckos was making them less likely to be interested in mice in the future.

So I tried the next stage up feeder mice. "fuzzies" these came with white fur, but were very well gut fed so they were big. Their girth was a more than the reccomended "1.5 x the girth of the thickest part of the snake" rule. But I attempted to feed anyway. I rubbed the mice all over the fuzzes, dangled them in, and boom! We have mice trained Kingsnakes at last!!!!

Both snakes are now only fed mice, and they no longer need to be "scented" with gecko anymore.

The reason for this post? While having the feeding issues, I scoured the web for help, found lots, tried most and failed. The fuzzes scented with geckos worked. From my observation, the snakes seemed to have a problem with the pinkness of the mice. They sometimes seemed scared of it?

So if you have a similar problem with young Cali Kingsand pinkies, and have tried other methods, to no avail, try geckos, then wean to fuzzies scented with the geckos.


Beetlejuice (and her partner Hachi) are both now gaining weight and size fast!

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ShitDonalds Had a Macdonalds on Saturday.

MMM Chicken Special. Special my arse. I don't know why I feel drawn to this muck still. There is so much amazing food here in Japan, and wherever there is a Macdonalds there is always something Japanese nearby. (amazing ramen anyone?)

I never enjoy the burgers. I hate myself whilst eating them and even more so when I've finished the muck.

So that's it. As of this post I shall never set foot in Shitdonalds ever again. And most certainly won't put my children through the food abuse which is the big "M". (or "S"?)


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Sakura At Last? ... Not Quite. Went to the "Sakura Festival" in Akkeshi today. It's around the same time every year, and is held in a park that is packed full of blooming Cherry Blossom. There are two types a very pale pink, and a very strong red/pink. There are stalls selling food and drink, mainly based around the town (Akkeshi) main export oysters and scallops.

For whatever reason though, there was zero cherry blossom in sight this year! And although the festival went ahead as normal, it was a shame not to get my annual photos of Japanese SAKURA!!!

The Sakura this year is supposed to hit at the end of this month though, so I will be ready with my camera when it happens. The day wasn't a complete disaster had a decent walk, and Saw some huge scallops and oysters. And some cool tree with little fuzzy things on it.


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Spring Flare! For the first time this Spring, we have had some decent weather! Sun was shining, warmish but breezy. Actually felt like spring. Sun out, big wide lens, time for some super flare!

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Monochrome Boredom. Sitting in my local library today (in my office building), I noticed there was some interesting lines going on. Thankfully I had my Camera and a wide angle to capture this moment of INSANE boredom!

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Tea At Grassy Hills. Had a great tea and a bite to eat at Ito Farms "Grassy Hills Cafe" today.

As usual, got to see my little friend the goat too!

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A rare (unwanted?) Japanese note! A colleague of min that has just arrived from Miami exchanged Dollars for Yen in the US.

They gave him a stack of ¥2000 notes! These are not seen very often here in Japan, and gave some excitement to our office!

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The Reflex, Is A Lonely Child... Found one at last!

Been looking for a good condition copy of the Sony or Minolta (identical, just name change) 500mm Reflex lens for an age, only managing to find ones online in bad condition, or missing the essential filters, or just too damned expensive.

Today, was picking up some final bits for my trip to the UK, i quickly popped into a local recycle shop that sometimes has some decent lenses for sale, and there it was...   

...A Minolta 500mm Reflex, in MINT (looks never used) condition with leather case, and filters. And best of all only ¥30,000!

I wanted this lens for it's reach, the raving reviews on many lens sites, and most importantly its a 500mm Reflex that has Auto focus! Unique to Minolta/Sony.

So yup, im a happy bunny right now. I will post up some sample shots, once the weather stops raining!

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Miu's new camera Miu getting some practice with her new camera.

Great enthusiasm, will be fun to go out snapping with her.

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Merry Christmas! Happy Christmas to all.

An insane day here in the Chadzynski household (JP).

Too many presents, too much food and too much Champagne. 

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My beer of 2012! Best beer I have had this year.

Yebisu, Black.  Strong flavor creamy and smooth.

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New Lenses! (kinda) Having decided not to risk taking the Zeiss and Sony G lenses on holiday to the UK (not to mention the weight) I have been on the prowl for a cheap but OK zoom. Today whilst out shopping I found 2 lonely Alpha mount lenses sat on my camera store shelves!

One was a Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 (slightly older LD version) for only ¥2400, but WAAAY more important, I found another old Minolta prime from the 80's!

I adore these old metal Minolta lenses, they always produce amazing colors, contrast and sharpness on my Alpha bodies.

This was a Minolta prime, 135mm f/2.8. I have been looking around for this lens after reading great reviews on, but all the ones I find are in the ¥40,000 price range, which I hesitate to pay for such an old lens that may or may not live up to expectations. Anyway, this little gem was only ¥3600 in almost mint condition, with the case!

So my body and lens selection for the UK trip are now as follows:

Sony SLT A77 (aps-c)

Sony 16-50mm f/2.8, Sony 35mm f1.8, Sony 85mm f/2.8

Minolta 24-105mm f/3-4.5, Minolta 50mm f/2.8 Macro, Minolta 100mm f/2.8 Macro, Minolta 135mm f/2.8

Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 or Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 (not sure which yet, the 70-200 being much nicer, but also much bigger and heavier)

Samyang 8mm f/3.5

Plus ext flash, monopod and filters batteries etc.

All this fits JUST into my camera bag, yay!

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Goodbye Midori. Today I finally (after a few weeks) removed all the housing and lighting setup for Midori the Chameleon who recently passed. Felt quite sad, as she was an awesome pet, and will be missed very much.

R.I.P little one! 

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The Fat Samurai Many nice gifts were exchanged last night, this was my favourite...


Katana chopsticks!!!!

They are even stamped with the crest of a very well respected Japanese Samurai clan! (Masamune Date clan)

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Killer garlic bread! Had some friends round for a little Xmas gathering yesterday. Some great food was eaten, but My garlic bread and a friends homemade cheesecake stood out as the best!

Garlic bread with tomato and basil:


And the amazing baked cheesecake:


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